Swiss jobless trend is up

The number of people out of work in Switzerland inched down in May but the trend still points to higher unemployment. The Swiss economy fell into


IATA: airlines in crisis

The International Air Transport Association says the global airline industry faces an unprecedented crisis and will likely lose 6.5 billion euros


Monday 8th June

European shares finished the day down 1.4 percent with investors seemingly concerned the recent rally may have made share prices too strong compared


Omar Bongo is dead

Africa’s longest serving leader Gabon president, Omar Bongo has died of a heart attack while undergoing treatment in a Spanish Clinic. He was 73


Omagh victims win civil case

Victims of a deadly bombing in Northern Ireland by the breakaway terrorist group the Real IRA have won a landmark civil compensation case against


Battle to save Tarsiers

Tarsiers, one of the smallest monkey species on earth and found only in South East Asia, may be on the brink of extinction in Indonesia’s forested


'Antichrist' stirs controversy

‘Antichrist’, the latest film from Danish writer and director Lars Von Trier (‘Manderlay,’ ‘The Idiots’ and ‘Dogville’) is releasing in Europe now


Life after Blur

After his departure from Britpop kings Blur in 2002, and a disintegrating personal life, few predicted that guitarist Graham Coxon would carve out a


Ukrainian mine workers missing

Twenty six mine workers are missing after an accident in Ukraine. Twenty seven of the 53 miners involved managed to reach the surface, according to


Turnout hits new low

It was a quiet day at the office for staff at some polling stations across the EU. From an early stage it became clear that predictions of a low


Europe leans to the right

The centre-right has come out on top in Europe after EU elections marked by a record low turnout and harsh lessons for ruling parties in some