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brussels bureau

  • Dutch right unnerving

    Netherlands far-right politician Geert Wilders, wielding an anti-immigration, anti-Islam and… 05/06/09 19:39 CET

  • French campaign insulting

    European campaigning in France takes a bitter twist. Francois Bayrou, whose centrist party is… 05/06/09 17:53 CET

  • Irish voter backlash

    Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen looks set to bear the brunt of public anger in the European and… 05/06/09 17:53 CET


  • GM sheds assets

    After filing for bankruptcy the US car giant GM is seeking to shed some assets. It is selling… 05/06/09 18:42 CET

  • Rio dumps Chinalco for BHP

    Mining giant Rio Tinto has scrapped a 13 billion euro tie-up deal with China’s Chinalco. It… 05/06/09 18:42 CET

  • Arcandor seeks bail out.

    The company which owns Germany’s Karstadt department-store chain,is seeking a 437 million euro… 05/06/09 18:42 CET


  • US jobless claims fall

    There are signs the recession is losing its force in the United States with jobless claims falling… 05/06/09 18:42 CET

  • Baule looks at global cities

    Twenty years from now up to 80 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban areas… 05/06/09 18:42 CET

le mag

  • The Magic Flute Updated

    The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio has opened the Nuits de Fourviere music festival in Lyon (France)… 05/06/09 17:08 CET


  • European markets surge

    News of economic green shoots in America gave the European markets a Friday afternoon bounce with… 05/06/09 18:42 CET


questions for europe

  • Migration solidarity

    The question: “Which role do you think the EU should have in managing and assisting the migrants… 05/06/09 17:49 CET

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