Dutch right unnerving

Netherlands far-right politician Geert Wilders, wielding an anti-immigration, anti-Islam and anti-EU bouquet, packs a punch that is making Europe’s


Rio dumps Chinalco for BHP

Mining giant Rio Tinto has scrapped a 13 billion euro tie-up deal with China’s Chinalco. It is forming a joint venture instead with BHP The


GM sheds assets

After filing for bankruptcy the US car giant GM is seeking to shed some assets. It is selling its Saturn unit to Penske Automotive Group Inc which


European markets surge

News of economic green shoots in America gave the European markets a Friday afternoon bounce with several of the major bourses doing well. London


Baule looks at global cities

Twenty years from now up to 80 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban areas. And the ramifications of this startling statistic are


US jobless claims fall

There are signs the recession is losing its force in the United States with jobless claims falling steeply. Productivity has also risen faster


Arcandor seeks bail out.

The company which owns Germany’s Karstadt department-store chain,is seeking a 437 million euro bailout from the state-owned development bank Kf


French campaign insulting

European campaigning in France takes a bitter twist. Francois Bayrou, whose centrist party is battling for third place against the European


Irish voter backlash

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen looks set to bear the brunt of public anger in the European and local elections underway in Ireland. Many accuse the


Migration solidarity

The question: “Which role do you think the EU should have in managing and assisting the migrants and refugees, especially coming from the


The Magic Flute Updated

The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio has opened the Nuits de Fourviere music festival in Lyon (France) with their unique version of Mozart’s opera The