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brussels bureau

  • Transnational devotion

    Who goes to the trouble of campaigning across Europe in its parliamentary elections? Danish liberal… 04/06/09 20:23 CET

  • EP candidates with a difference

    Not all European Parliament candidates are created equal. Here are some of the most out of the… 04/06/09 20:23 CET


  • Terminator: but without Arnie

    Planet Earth is in the wake of a nuclear holocaust – Christian Bale in the lead role and Australian… 04/06/09 17:27 CET





  • Star performer

    The National Ignition Facilty has opened in California. Its aim is to recreate nuclear fusion, the… 04/06/09 17:27 CET


le mag

  • Madrid photo exhibition opens

    Photo España is the International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts in Madrid – among this… 04/06/09 17:27 CET


questions for europe

  • Non-Christians in EU

    The question: “Is Europe ready to integrate a non-Christian country like Turkey into the EU?“… 04/06/09 19:34 CET

world news

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