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brussels bureau


  • Don’t Look Back Opens

    Film director Marina de Van’s new psychodrama “Don’t Look Back” stars Sophie Marceau and Monica… 03/06/09 18:47 CET


  • Wolf looks for quick Opel kill

    By the summer’s end Opel will be a Canadian-Russian concern says Magna’s joint boss Seigfred Wolf… 03/06/09 19:25 CET

  • Appeal hitch hits Chrysler deal

    A group of Indiana pension funds has led a successful bid to bring Chrysler’s sale to a Fiat-led… 03/06/09 19:25 CET


le mag


questions for europe

  • EU energy independence

    The question: “What are your solutions for assuring Europe’s independence in terms of energy… 03/06/09 21:02 CET


  • Cold water coral discovered

    A Franco/Irish team of researchers have discovered a major new coral reef off the west coast of… 03/06/09 18:47 CET

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