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brussels bureau

  • Slovenia EU voting begun

    Early voting in the European Parliamentary elections has begun in Slovenia, at designated polling… 02/06/09 19:51 CET

  • Voter apathy in Normandy

    The village of la Croix-Avranchin, in France’s Normandy region, has 504 voters. But in the last… 02/06/09 19:51 CET


  • 12 Rounds hits the screen

    Director Renny Harlin’s new film “12 Rounds” stars wrestler John Cena. The film is a feast of boom… 02/06/09 19:11 CET






le mag

  • Zumthor wins Pritzer Prize

    Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has been awarded the 2009 Pritzker Prize for Architecture in Buenos… 02/06/09 19:11 CET


questions for europe

  • Lisbon not automatic door-opener

    The question: “Hello, my name is Jürg Jensen, from Germany. I have this question: will the… 02/06/09 19:51 CET


    A selection of the best of the foreign press in ten languages, is a particularly… 02/06/09 08:56 CET

  • European Parliament: what next?

    In five years, the European Parliament has adopted some 300 laws and rules. What major topics will… 02/06/09 08:56 CET

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