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brussels bureau

  • Catholic Polish voter appeal

    The high priests of Poland are urging the faithful to vote in the European parliamentary election… 29/05/09 21:13 CET

  • Star voter appeal

    Star footballers have been recruited by the European Parliament in its campaign to encourage people… 29/05/09 21:13 CET


  • Departures on release

    Japanese black comedy “Departures” was the surprise winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign film this… 29/05/09 17:53 CET


  • Euro zone inflation stagnant

    The inflation rate for the euro zone was unchanged in May compared with the same month last year… 29/05/09 21:13 CET

  • US economic decline slows

    The US economy is still in a bad way, but it is improving; GDP shrank at an annual rate of 5.7… 29/05/09 21:13 CET

le mag


  • Friday 29th May

    European shares finished the day slightly lower but with London, Frankfurt and Paris all ahead… 29/05/09 21:13 CET


  • Desert solar power

    Clean energy from North Africa’s sun belt could soon be electrifying Europe. Here is the… 29/05/09 21:41 CET

questions for europe

  • Health care travel

    The question: “Hello Europe, I’m an Italian residing in Belgium for several years now. I’ve… 29/05/09 19:52 CET

world news

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