ETA threatens new campaign of violence

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ETA threatens new campaign of violence

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The armed Basque terror group ETA has warned it will launch a new campaign of violence this summer.

Speaking through the pro-independence Basque newspaper Gara, ETA said what it called its period of reflection had come to an end, and an “effective” violent strategy would resume. ETA ended a 15-month ceasefire two years ago saying it was frustrated at the lack of progress in tentative peace talks with the Socialist government in Madrid. The Basque region’s first non-nationalist Prime Minister has promised to wage a relentless war against ETA. In an interview with Euronews to be screened this evening Patxi Lopez also attacked groups linked to terror. “Those allied to terrorists, who give them political cover, have no place in politics or in democratic society,” he said. Meanwhile, the Internationalist Initiative group, supported by the former leader of ETA’s banned political wing, has been given permission to contest next month’s European elections. The Spanish Constitutional Court over-ruled claims that the far-left party was directly linked to the terrorists, and therefore could field candidates on June 4th.