Mali, CIGEM and so on

Encouraging alternatives to leaving home. Mali and Europe join hands to manage migration from one of the world’s poorest countries.


Friday 22nd April

European shares ended half a percent higher after a day of choppy trading. So called defensive stocks, such as drugmakers, were weak including


60 years of Germany's Basic Law

After defeat in the Second World War Germany was on its knees, ruined materially and morally by the shame of the Nazis crimes. The victorious allies


Salary of an MEP

A French voter asks: “I’m André, and I’d like to know a Euro-MP’s salary.” The response: “Hi, I’m Pierre Assemat, a journalist at Euronews


Kaczynski warns Poles on euro

Poland’s president has spoken out against adopting the euro. Lech Kaczynski, in Warsaw, told parliament that, in the current climate, a switch to the


Basque party cleared by court

Spain’s Constitutional Court has overturned a lower court ruling preventing a Basque party from fielding candidates in the European parliamentary


Russia-EU summit exposes rifts

Europe and Russia are getting on better but still agree to differ. The mood at their joint summit in Khabarovsk was, according to one European


Daniel y Ana at Cannes

Mexican director Michel Franco’s new film “Daniel Y Ana” is in competition at Cannes, in the “Un Certain Regard” section. The film centres on the


Mexico gets the green light

In Mexico – where the recent swine flu scare first began – health alert levels are back to normal for the first time. No new cases of the disease