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Sex, Violence and Football compete at Cannes


Sex, Violence and Football compete at Cannes

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Lars Von Trier’s new film “Anti Christ” stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a couple coming to terms with the death of their child. The film’s violence and the view it expresses, that the world was created by Satan, has predictably caused controversy. Reaction to the film has been muted, many people finding the explicit scenes of sex, violence, and genital mutilation distasteful.

Johnnie To’s film “Vengeance” also deals with parental grief at the death of a child. Johnny Hallyday plays the father out to kill in this blood-soaked thriller. The presence of a top- notch French rockstar cements the film’s “Gaulois and Expresso” credentials but has generally failed to impress critics. Ken Loach’s comedy “Looking for Eric” also stars a celebrity not normally famous for acting. Eric Cantona shares spliffs and keep-fit-tips with a down-at-heel postie in this feel good buddie movie which had the critics laughing out loud. The Cannes film festival runs until 24th May.
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