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brussels bureau

  • Spanish left acerbic campaign launch

    Spain’s ruling Socialists have set a caring tone for launch of their European Parliament election… 21/05/09 19:03 CET

  • Czech anti-Roma scandal

    Czech television has stopped broadcasting anti-Roma political advertising by the far-right National… 21/05/09 18:57 CET






  • Organic Austria resists GMOs

    Austrian voters want the next European Parliament to fight against genetically modified crops. Only… 21/05/09 21:12 CET


  • Gürsel calm ahead of verdict

    He is not the first writer to live far from his homeland, but Nedim Gürsel, one of Turkey’s… 21/05/09 15:14 CET

le mag


  • Thursday 21 May

    European shares finished down over 2.5 percent as investors took profits after a five day winning… 21/05/09 19:10 CET

questions for europe

  • Political vision then and now

    A French-speaking voter asks: “I’d like to know why we get the impression these days that… 21/05/09 19:12 CET


  • IDA on display in New York

    The Museum of Natural History in New York is showing off the 47 million year-old skeleton of a… 21/05/09 17:33 CET

world news

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