Organic Austria resists GMOs

Austrian voters want the next European Parliament to fight against genetically modified crops. Only about 20% of Austrians plan to cast European


Mexican economy shrinks

Mexico says its economy shrank by a worse-than-expected 8.2 percent between January and March compared with the same period last year. That is


Political vision then and now

A French-speaking voter asks: “I’d like to know why we get the impression these days that there’s less political vision — about Europe in any case


UK retails sales holding up

British retail sales rose much more than expected in April with most sectors doing well. The latest official data suggested that consumer spending


Thursday 21 May

European shares finished down over 2.5 percent as investors took profits after a five day winning streak. Banks were hardest hit. Among the


Czech anti-Roma scandal

Czech television has stopped broadcasting anti-Roma political advertising by the far-right National Party, ahead of the European elections. The


IDA on display in New York

The Museum of Natural History in New York is showing off the 47 million year-old skeleton of a fosil creature that scientists have affectionately


Gürsel calm ahead of verdict

He is not the first writer to live far from his homeland, but Nedim Gürsel, one of Turkey’s greatest authors, likes to think of himself as a bridge