A Parliament 20% legitimate?

A German voter asks: “Will the European Parliament still have legitimacy if less than 20% of the people vote in these elections?” The


Volvo truck sales slump

Volvo is having increasing difficulty in finding customers in the global downturn. The world’s second biggest truck maker said deliveries tumbled


Spain's condition worsens

Spain’s economy turns out to be in an even worse state than had been thought. The National Statistics Institute said gross domestic product was


Wednesday 20th May

After fluctuating between positive and negative .. European shares finished up over one percent though London’s FTSE 100 stayed in the red


Russia flaunts size with EU

The last European Union summit with Russia was hosted by France, and it was held on the Riviera, in Nice. For this year’s event, today and tomorrow


EU, China trade respect

The Czech EU Presidency has said dialogue with China will include extremely important human rights concerns. However, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao


98 dead in Indonesian air crash

The number of people killed in this morning’s military air crash in Indonesia has risen to 98, including two on the ground. The C-130 Hercules


Mawazine rocks on

The Mawazine Music Festival in Rabat continues to attract huge crowds this week. The Joubran Trio consisting of three brothers from Palestine, were