Compulsory voting, anyone?

A German voter asks: “What, concretely, do you see raising citizens’ interest for the European elections?” Response: “I’m Pervenche Beres


EU-China retry summit

The European Union and China will try to reestablish firm relations at a summit this Wednesday — being held in place of one which Beijing cancelled


Tuesday 19th May

European shares closed at their highest in more than four months. Banks were boosted by the hopes that the sector is getting ready to rid


ABN AMRO announces layoffs

Dutch state-controlled bank ABN AMRO is to lay off between 4,000 and 5,000 people and reduce its costs by up to 1.3 billion euros as it fully


Biden in Bosnia on unity mission

The US is promising further commitment in Bosnia and the Balkans. Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Sarajevo, 14 years after the end of Europe’s


Cannes embraces Almodovar

Director Pedro Almodovar was the toast of Cannes on Tuesday with the showing of his latest movie, Broken Embraces, a hot favourite for the Palme


Body of Tamil leader shown on TV

Sri Lankan television has been showing what purports to be the body of Tamil Tiger Leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran, the man who led one side in Asia’s


Hydrogen cars coming closer

Hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the universe and hydrogen-powered cars only emit water vapour. In principle therefore, hydrogen could be


Rwanda documentary at Cannes

Anne Aghion’s new documentary, “My Neighbour My Killer”, is in competition at Cannes Film Festival. The production follows a series of open-air


Cross border car buying

EU citizens should now find it a lot easier to shop around Europe for the best price on a car, thanks to a reduction in the paperwork needed to