US annual inflation falls

Inflation in the US was unchanged in April from the month before, but compared with April last year consumer prices posted a 0.7 percent drop, the


Friday 15th May

European shares finished the day up despite the fact that euro zone economic growth suffered its worst quarter on record in the first three months of


Barclays could sell BGI

UK bank Barclays has confirmed it has received an “unsolicited” approach about selling its prized asset management arm Barclays Global Investors


IMF head upbeat on recovery

The head of the International Monetary Fund believes the global economic could start to make a recovery by October or November this year. But at a


When will crisis end?

“Hello my name is Irina. I’m from Romania and I’ve been living here in Spain for five years. I’m unemployed, like other Spanish people and like other


Merkel ally bids for office

The leader of Germany’s Free Democratic Party has opened his bid to join Chancellor Angela Merkel in a coalition after elections at the end of


40,000 march on Brussels

More than 40,000 have marched through the Belgian capital, Brussels, to protest at the effects of the economic crisis. The protest comes as new


Pope winds up Holy land tour

The Pope has left Israel at the end of his Middle East tour with a robust message that the Holocaust would never be forgotten nor denied. In a


UK justice minister steps down

The UK’s parliamentary expenses scandal has forced a member of the government to step down, the highest profile casualty of the affair so far


Global approach to migration

The EU is looking for ways to make immigration an opportunity for all parties, both in the countries of origin and countries of destination. Focus on


Yusf Islam comback in LA

Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, has made a musical comeback in Los Angeles. In his heyday, Yusuf Islam had eight gold albums in a row


Pope condemns Holocaust

The Pope has ended his tour of the Middle East by roundly condeming the Holocaust as a “brutal extermination.” Earlier the Pontiff had been


Europe's recession deepens

Europe has sunk deeper into recession in the first quarter of this year – accelerating a year of contraction in the eurozone. German exports


Repairs begin on Hubble

The first stage of Atlantis’s rescue mission to extend the life of the Hubble space telescope has passed off with success. The space shuttle’s


Jobs protests sweep Europe

Europe’s workers are getting ever more riled about the slumping economies and job losses around the continent. There were big rallies in Madrid and