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  • US: Pentagon says two bundles of supplies meant for Syrian Kurds in Kobani went astray: one fell to ISIL fighters; another destroyed – REUTERS
  • USA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say they will begin active monitoring for Ebola of all travellers entering the US from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea for 21 days, starting on Monday – REUTERS
  • Ottawa shooting: armed forces bases across Canada are being closed to the public after the shooting of a soldier (CBC) – Reuters
  • US conducts six air strikes against ISIL militants on Tuesday and Wednesday: strikes in Iraq hit near Mosul Dam; strikes in Syria were near border town of Kobani (US central command) – REUTERS
  • Canada shooting: one gunman shot dead inside Canadian parliament building. Ottawa police said to be actively looking for one or more suspects (CBC TV) – REUTERS





  • Air ticket websites improve

    Plane ticket-selling websites in the EU have made a steep climb in compliance with consumer… 14/05/09 18:12 CET



  • Interview : Maria de Medeiros

    Actress, singer, director, polyvalent and multicultural, Maria de Medeiros was born in Lisbon, grew… 14/05/09 16:33 CET

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  • Who is minding EU gays?

    “Hi, I’m Antony, Mister Gay Italy. I want to know if Europe will ever get around to doing something… 14/05/09 17:12 CET


  • Uncovering Venus’ secrets

    For a long time, many imagined conditions on Venus to be similar to Earth. But space probes… 14/05/09 18:23 CET

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