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brussels bureau

  • Intel’s record competition fine

    Time for world top-ranking technology firm Intel to cash in some of its chips. Europe has hit the… 13/05/09 19:43 CET

  • Danes euro referendum II

    European Union member-in-good-standing Denmark is looking at reconsidering its opt-out from the… 13/05/09 19:43 CET





le mag


  • Wednesday 13th May

    European shares finished the day down 2.77 percent with financials and miners the biggest losers… 13/05/09 19:06 CET

questions for europe

  • Iceland in the EU?

    A voter asks: “What’s happening with Iceland? Do you know if they have shown an interest in… 13/05/09 15:37 CET

  • National elections more interesting?

    A French voter says: “I’d like to know why fewer people are interested in the European elections… 13/05/09 15:37 CET

  • Pretzel salt confusion

    A German visiting Brussels asks: “Why does Brussels want to regulate the amount of salt in German… 13/05/09 15:37 CET

  • Universities really harmonised?

    “Hi, my name’s Laurie, I’m 21, and this year’s my first time voting in the European elections. My… 13/05/09 15:37 CET

  • Turkey’s EU future

    A German visiting Brussels asks: “Will Turkey get into the European Union?” Vice President… 13/05/09 15:37 CET

  • Women’s rights back to zero?

    A Spanish voter asks: “Will these elections make it possible to accomplish everything this… 13/05/09 15:37 CET


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