Cameron: Tory MPs will pay back expenses

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Cameron: Tory MPs will pay back expenses

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The leader of Britain’s opposition Conservative Party has apologised for the parliamentary expenses row, and ordered his collegues to pay the money back. David Cameron said the claims may have satisfied the rules, but the rules were wrong.

“I want to start by saying ‘sorry,.’” he said. “‘Sorry’ it has come to this, ‘sorry’ for the actions of some Conservative MPs. People are right to be angry, that some MPs have taken public money to pay for things that, frankly, few (citizens) can afford.” Among the Conservative MPs whose expenses’ claims have been revealed, the former Party chairman Michael Ancram received money for a swimming-pool heater and the upkeep of a cottage at his country home. The continuing revelations have weakened still further public confidence in parliament – the latest opinion polls show all parties losing support. The Prime Minister belatedly issued an apology on behalf of all politicians at Westminster. Gordon Brown has also called for an urgent review of the parliamentary expenses system. However, critics believe it is too late, and say all MPs’ expenses claims should be published immediately if politicians are to retain any credibility with the voters.