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  • Tapie to tap into Club Med?

    French entrepreneur Bernard Tapie has said that he is considering taking a stake in holiday group… 11/05/09 19:28 CET

  • Centrica EDF nuclear deal

    Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, is to buy 20 percent of the UK nuclear business… 11/05/09 19:28 CET


  • A treatment against leukaemia?

    Swiss researcher Jürg Zimmermann was recently awarded “European Inventor of the Year” prize, along… 11/05/09 18:03 CET

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  • Monday 11th May

    European shares closed over one percent lower with investors turning cautious but also selling… 11/05/09 19:28 CET

questions for europe

  • Job mobility

    In March, the European Union unemployment rate hit 8.3%. At same time, half a million jobs remain… 11/05/09 20:59 CET

  • EU Profiler

    Who will go to vote in the June EU elections? Who will they vote for? What motivates the voters… 11/05/09 20:59 CET


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