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brussels bureau

  • Czechs vote on Lisbon

    The Czech Republic’s upper house of parliament is due to vote today on whether to approve the… 05/05/09 22:04 CET

  • EU bans seal products

    Seal products are now banned in the European Union. Walruses and sea lions are included in this… 05/05/09 22:04 CET

  • French posters supressed in Belgium

    Tension is mounting in Belgium between French and Dutch speakers ahead of regional and European… 05/05/09 22:04 CET


  • Angels and Demons in Rome

    “The Da Vinci Code” sequel, “Angels and Demons” premiered in Rome this week and director Ron Howard… 05/05/09 17:50 CET




  • Hot new heating invention

    Joseph Le Mer has invented a new kind of greener, money-saving heating system which recently won… 05/05/09 17:50 CET


  • Polish shipyarders cry foul

    The workers at Europe’s most famous shipyard are sending out a last SOS. Gdansk – Solidarity’s… 05/05/09 11:51 CET

le mag

  • Toon Comp Triumph

    This year, out of more than 800 cartoons from 72 countries entered for the 5th “World Press… 05/05/09 17:50 CET


  • Tuesday 5th May

    European shares ended slightly lower having earlier been at their highest in almost four months… 05/05/09 21:34 CET

questions for europe

  • Roaming charges

    Brussels continues to keep the heat on mobile phone operators. The biggest issue remains roaming… 05/05/09 13:33 CET

  • Political groups

    736 members will be elected to the European Parliament in 4-7 June voting. How is the assembly… 05/05/09 13:33 CET


  • terra viva

    Terra Viva will give you an insight into how people adapt in every day life to a fast changing… 05/05/09 09:58 CET

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