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Tamils release footage of hospital bombing

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Tamils release footage of hospital bombing


Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka have released footage of what they say is the aftermath of shelling by the army of a makeshift hospital.

The military is accused of bombing the area which is part of a civilian safe zone. Rebels say 64 people were killed yesterday and 87 wounded. The zone is mostly off-limits to outsiders so it is hard to verify the claims and those of the government. Rohita Bogollagama, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister: “We’ve maintained throughout that there has been no shelling of the safe zone and that’s the position of the government. We have given our word to the international community because that is what the position is in Sri Lanka. So there is absolutely no truth in these reports.” The Tamil Tiger guerrillas are holding onto a tiny piece of land in the north east of the country vowing to not surrender in their fight for a separate state for the Tamil minority. A video released by Sri Lanka’s government shows soldiers giving aid to refugees. But tens of thousands of civilians are still trapped in the rebel territory. The governement has refused to halt fighting as it says it is on the verge of crushing the 25 year insurgency.
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