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Human infects pigs in Canada

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Human infects pigs in Canada


For the first time since the beginning of the new flu outbreak a person has infected pigs with the virus.

A man who had become ill after travelling to Mexico worked on a farm in Canada’s western province Alberta. About 10% of the 2000 swine at the farm caught the bug. The man who spread the virus has recovered. The pigs are undergoing tests but are said to be getting better. Dr. Brian Evans, Canadian Food Inspection Agency : “Samples from the pigs are being analysed at our shared Winnipeg facility. We have determined that the virus is the H1N1 influenza A found in these pigs and is the virus being tracked in the human population.” All the pigs from the farm are being held in quarantine. Though the WHO has said the virus does not affect the safety of pork Canadian farmers are worried. So far four countries have stopped accepting Canadian pork since the H1N1 scare began.
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