Mexican swine flu may be slowing down

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Mexican swine flu may be slowing down

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The outbreak of the so-called Mexican swine flu may not be as severe as first thought, despite news of more confirmed cases across the world. France reported two new cases, with a third strongly suspected, while Britain said there are now 13 confirmed sufferers, including two people who have not been to Mexico recently.

Across the world, Hong Kong’s Metropark Hotel was sealed off with all guests isolated inside, after a 25-year old guest from Mexico tested positive for the H1N1 type-A flu strain. In America, the only country other than Mexico to report a flu death, a plane from Germany bound for Washington landed in Boston when a passenger reported feeling ill. The woman is being treated in hospital. The outbreak has stunned Mexico, where much of the country has shut down. May Day celebrations were cancelled with people urged to stay at home instead. However, Mexican hospitals report the number of suspected cases may be slowing down, with just 46 people admitted on Thursday, compared to 212 on April 20th.