Mexican economy hit by flu virus

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Mexican economy hit by flu virus

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Mexicans are not only worrying about their health but also their bank balances.

Airport traffic in the holiday resort of Cancun appears to be going one way – out. Airlines are cutting flights to Mexico by as much as 50% and tourists are streaming out of the country, after a quick health check-up that is. “They’ve made us fill out these forms, and they just took our temperature and signed off on us and now we get to go home,” said one man about to board a plane. Hotel occupancy is down about 40% in Cancun. The city is estimated to have lost about 2.4 milliion dollars, that is about 1.8 million euros, in the past week. But even though occupancy is down by similar levels in other resorts, one tourist in Acapulco said it did not feel like there was an emergency and that locals even laughed at her when she wore a face mask. Tourism is Mexico’s third largest legal source of foreign currency. Despite some resorts best efforts to woo overseas clients, it seems for the time being at least few are ready to take the plunge.