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brussels bureau

  • Albania EU’s latest applicant

    Albania has formally applied to join the European Union. Prime Minister Sali Berisha took the step… 28/04/09 19:47 CET

  • Working week stalemate

    The economic squeeze has tipped the EU into a stalemate over the maximum allowable working week… 28/04/09 19:47 CET


  • X-men origins: Wolverine

    More muscly than ever, Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in the 4th film of the X-Men franchise… 28/04/09 18:35 CET


  • Vestas sheds jobs

    The world’s biggest wind-turbine maker Vestas, is cutting nearly 2,000 jobs. The Danish… 28/04/09 19:45 CET

  • BP slashes costs

    London-based BP said it was learning to live with oil at 50 dollar a barrel, by slashing costs… 28/04/09 19:42 CET

  • EuroDisney loses visitors

    British and Spanish visitors are deserting EuroDisney in Paris. The largest theme park… 28/04/09 19:42 CET

  • Daimler feels the downturn

    The economic downturn has hit the luxury car market. German automobile maker Daimler has reported… 28/04/09 19:42 CET


  • Banks under pressure

    European bank stocks suffered falls, as the global recession bites. There was anger at Fortis… 28/04/09 19:43 CET

le mag

  • Ida Maria eyes US market

    The Norwegian rock star Ida Maria has just released her debut album in the United States. The album… 28/04/09 18:35 CET


  • European markets suffer

    European markets fell, for two main reasons. Investors worried about the economic impact of… 28/04/09 19:45 CET

questions for europe

  • European institutional triangle

    The EU is a political union in which sovereign states transfer some of their power. That is the … 28/04/09 14:15 CET

  • Rapex Regulates Safety

    EU regulations say producers and distributors, whether in the EU or not, are only allowed to sell… 28/04/09 14:15 CET


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