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brussels bureau

  • PES demands respect for democracy

    Urging Europe to change course… That is how the Party of European Socialists, PES, has launched… 27/04/09 20:13 CET

  • Aubry aims smack at Molex

    The French Socialist Secretary-General Martine Aubry and the President of the PES Poul Nyrup… 27/04/09 20:13 CET



  • Chrysler struggles to cut costs

    Carmaker Chrysler is racing against a Thursday deadline to cut labour costs or face bankruptcy… 27/04/09 19:14 CET

  • General Motors to cut jobs

    US car firm General Motors is to cut more than 20,000 jobs, over one third of its total workforce… 27/04/09 19:14 CET


  • French Unemployment Up

    Unemployment in France has risen, according to the latest figures. There were 2.7 percent… 27/04/09 19:17 CET

  • Japan slashes economic hopes

    Japan’s government has slashed its economic forecast. It says GDP would shrink bz 3.3 percent over… 27/04/09 19:14 CET


le mag


  • Markets react to Swine Flu

    European markets rebounded late in the day, after initial falls , fuelled by fears of a swine flu… 27/04/09 19:17 CET


  • Prostate cancer hope

    Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death among men in Europe, but new scientific… 27/04/09 18:01 CET

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