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Parents of "Tug of love" Elise reach agreement

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Parents of "Tug of love" Elise reach agreement


A Russian mother currently held in a Hungarian jail charged with the attempted kidnap of her own daughter has agreed to be tried under French law in Paris

Irina Belenkaya’s international “tug of love” dispute with her former French husband has mesmerised the French media for some time. Irina’s husband has custody of three year old Elise but she’s been repeatedly snatched back and forth by her warring parents over the last two years since their divorce. Elise’s father, Jean-Michel Andre has said that he is willing to discuss visiting rights with his ex-wife despite the latest alleged kidnap attempt. Irina was arrested last month trying to cross the border from Hungary to Ukraine with her daughter. The youngster is currently back with her father in France.
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