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Obama to release more terror suspect torture photos

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Obama to release more terror suspect torture photos

Senior Democrats are increasing calls for an investigation into Bush-era anti-terror practices.
Since releasing intelligence memos last week, Barack Obama has been attacked by the left and right with both sides wanting more information in the public domain.
Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives said: “I have always been for a truth commission because I think this is very important.  The question that was there was should there be immunity or not. I think it should be decided on a case by case basis.”
But for some Republicans the imminent release of photos depicting alleged abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan threatens national security.
John Boehner, Republican Minority leader: “I think it provides a chilling effect on all our intelligence officers around the world, I think that’s unfortunate. Secondly, I think it only presents a small piece of a bigger story that should be released.”
The President has not ruled out charges against those who authorised the methods which may implicate Condolezza Rice, Dick Cheney and other senior members of the Bush administration.


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