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  • The Finnish Parliament narrowly approved a citizen’s initiative to legalise same-sex marriage (Reuters)
  • EU commission says of UK welfare proposals that it should be discussed calmly, EU law lets states fight abuses – Reuters
  • British PM David Cameron says he will require EU treaty change to curb immigration (Reuters)


  • Fast and Furious again

    It’s a wheel easy formula which the public doesn’t seem to get tyred of so the ‘Fast and Furious‘… 10/04/09 16:18 CET


le mag

  • Graffiti goes up market

    One of the world’s most prestigious galleries .. the Grand Palais in Paris has given a major… 10/04/09 16:18 CET

  • Tutankhamun’s tomb recreated

    The burial chamber of the ancient Egyptian boy king Tutankhamun has been recreated for a traveling… 10/04/09 16:18 CET


  • Liberal candidate for next EP

    Graham Watson, British head of the third-largest group in the European Parliament is not only… 10/04/09 18:47 CET

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