Have the Greens got a hope?

The Greens see the European elections as a golden opportunity for ecological transformation. They are convinced that their innovation platform will


Friday 4th April

European shares finished the day one percent lower as the latest US jobs figures at a 25-year high showed the labour market deteriorating further


RBS to cut more jobs

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Chairman Philip Hampton has said it will have to lay off more of its employees on top of the 2,700 jobs already cut. In


G20 plan cautiously welcomed

One day after the G20 leaders came up with a plan to save the financial world was the reaction is one of cautious optimism. Despite the generally


Obama holds talks with Sarkozy

America’s Barack Obama has been greeted by the French president and his wife on his first official visit to continental Europe. At today’s


G20 starts financial fight-back

“A turning point” for the world economy” and “the fight- back starts here” – these were some of the positive messages from leaders of the world’s


Tax havens are blacklisted

The European economic think-tank the OECD has responded swiftly after the G20 summit and published a blacklist of countries sheltering tax evaders