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Merkel calls for new NATO strategies

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Merkel calls for new NATO strategies


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that NATO must review its strategies to succeed in Afghanistan and forge a new relationship with Russia. She told parliament in Berlin that the Alliance must adapt to face new challenges and address future threats.

NATO wants to have a good partnership with Russia,” said Merkel. “We have not been opponents for twenty years now, the era of the Cold War has passed for ever.” The Chancellor also said NATO must not fail in Afghanistan. She said it is vital that the country is never again a base for terrorists to attack Alliance members. “Afghanistan shows us quite clearly that success will only be possible if NATO, with all its military power, is part of a complete coherent strategy for stability there.” There are some 70,000 US and NATO-led troops fighting a growing Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. Merkel made it clear Germany does not intend to increase its military presence there. President Obama is expected to unveil a new US strategy tomorrow, emphasising the need for more aid and more support for local security forces.
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