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  • A group of 64 migrants broke out of a reception camp near the town of Bicske in central Hungary
  • Hundreds of migrants leave Budapest’s main train station apparently planning to walk to Austria
  • New laws in Hungary give police more powers, set out punishments including prison for illegal border crossing
  • Abandoned truck in Austria: the cooling aggregate in the truck was not operational; refugees suffocated quickly and on Hungarian territory say Austrian police
  • Driver of abandoned truck with 71 dead is among five people arrested in Hungary: Austrian police
  • Hungarian police say 2.300 migrants remain in Roszke camp and are threatening to break out if their demands are not met in 2 hours; their demands are not clear
  • Serbia: as a EU candidate country, Serbia is preprared to take in quota of migrants says Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović
  • Hungarian police say about 300 migrants broke out of a reception camp at Roszke near the Serbian border. Riot police is surrounding the camp.
  • UNHCR spokeswoman says Britain is offering 4,000 resettlement spaces for Syrian refugees
  • EU’s commissioner Frans Timmermans confirms Jeanc-Claude Juncker will announce expanded migrant relocation quotas next week to relieve Hungary as well as Italy
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