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Suspects questioned after Lahore attack

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Suspects questioned after Lahore attack


More than 20 people have been interrogated by Pakistani police as they continue the hunt for the gunmen who attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team.

Six police officers and the driver of a bus carrying the team were killed, and seven team members were wounded. Roadblocks have been set up across the city of Lahore, but so far none of the 12 gunmen has been found. “What happened was not good,” said one newspaper seller. “It’s a conspiracy against Pakistan. They were our guests. Guest teams are ambassadors. This act is deplorable.” Shares on the Pakistani stock exchange crashed following the attack, but in early trading today the market bounced back. The violence has raised further concern about Pakistan’s ability to deal with Islamist militants. As the Sri Lankan team arrived home, cricket authorities in New Zealand announced the cancellation of a tour of Pakistan. The International Cricket Council has also said Pakistan is unlikely to host international matches in the immediate future.
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