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Bashir arrest warrant welcomed by Darfuri exiles

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Bashir arrest warrant welcomed by Darfuri exiles


The decision to issue an arrest warrant for Bashir has been welcomed by Darfuri exiles across the world. They took to the streets in a number of cities, including Rome. For many the international court’s announcement represents the culmination of a long campaign.

One exile in Rome said: “This represents for us the first step towards justice, which is going to take place in Darfur and all the Darfurians have waited for this day for a long time.” There were similar scenes in London where a crowd made their feelings clear outside the Sudanese embassy. While many in the West support the move, Sudan has its supporters at the UN, including Russia and China. Meanwhile, at a rowdy rally in Khartoum, Bashir’s followers gave an insight into the kind of reaction his eventual arrest could provoke.
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