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Lahore attack has parallels with Mumbai assault

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Lahore attack has parallels with Mumbai assault


It is still not clear who was behind the deadly assault on Sri Lanka’s cricket team in Pakistan on Tuesday, but experts say it was similar to the Mumbai terror attacks.

Eight people were killed including six police officers and the driver of one the team’s coaches. Seven cricketers – one of them a British trainer – were wounded, though their injuries are not life-threatening. The dozen or so gunmen opened fire on the convoy at a roundabout in Lahore – a city which has been relatively untouched by Pakistan’s upsurge in violence. One policeman said he was terrified and said he survived only because he was in the back seat of his vehicle. The militants opened fire with automaic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. The shooting lasted for some 30 minutes before the attackers managed to escape. Pakistan’s security forces have come under criticism for the level of protection offered to the team, and their response to the incident. A number of other police officers and locals were injured. As the Sri Lankan players were being treated plans were underway to fly them home. They had come to Lahore at the invitation of Pakistan and against the advice of some at home.
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