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Guantanamo inmate alleges UK role in torture

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Guantanamo inmate alleges UK role in torture


The released Guantanamo inmate, Binyam Mohamed has returned to the UK accusing America of “torturing him in medieval ways.” The 30-year-old Ethiopian was held at the detention centre on Cuba for four years but has now been returned to London. All charges against him were dropped and he has never been tried.

Formerly with British residency status, Mohamed was originally seized while visiting Pakistan – he had been trying to travel on a friend’s passport. During the next 18 months he says he was rendered to Morocco and Afghanistan and tortured with British collusion. Clive Stafford Smith, a human rights lawyer who is representing Mohamed, said: “We want to balance the two sides of it. They (UK government) have been very good in getting him back, and we are very grateful for that. On the other hand, there is zero doubt in my mind that the British government has been complicit in the whole process that led to his torture.” Mohamed’s release comes as the US Attorney General, Eric Holder has paid his first visit to the controversial facility in Cuba. A US government review of conditions there says the camp complies with the Geneva Convention but calls for an easing of the isolation of prisoners. About 250 inmates are still held at Guantanamo, nearly all without charge. Last month President Obama called for the camp’s closure within a year.
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