Tuesday: shares slide again

European shares finished in the red at a fresh six year closing low. The region’s investors remain concerned about the health of the financial


Vodafone cuts UK workforce

The British mobile phone company Vodafone has confirmed that it plans to lay off about 500 people in the UK. That is around five percent of its


Sweden's Crown Princess to marry

Beautiful Princess to marry – her former fitness coach! It is not your traditional fairy tale. But this is 2009 and the young woman who is next in


Europe Direct

How do I get a European subsidy? Is my diploma valid EU-wide? What is in the Lisbon Treaty? Can I receive my pension in another EU state? Where to


Erasmus Mundus

The Erasmus language exchange programmes are well known, but there is also something called Erasmus Mundus. It was set up to promote higher education


Obama attacks US budget deficit

America has been warned it faces more money worries if it does not put its economic house in order. President Obama told politicians, unions and