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David and Goliath at the Oscars


David and Goliath at the Oscars

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This year’s Oscar race is very much a David and Goliath affair. Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, nominated for 10 awards and made on a shoestring, goes head to head with the huge budget and stunning special effects of The Curious Affair of Benjamin Button, nominated for 13 awards.

Mickey Rourke’s come-back story The Wrestler mirrors the actor’s own life: after years in the shadows he is up for Best Actor. And Meryl Streep gets a fifteenth nomination for Best Actress for Doubt – but Kate Winslet is odds on favourite to win for The Reader. Penelope Cruz is a Best Supporting Actress nominee for Woody Allan’s Vicky Christina Barcelona, and the late Heath Ledger is widely expected to win Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Dark Knight. European films dominate the Best Foreign Language Film category. The Baader Meinhof Complex by Uli Edel is a front runner but competition is hot, with The Class also nominated and in the same category is Israeli animation Waltz With Bashir. On The Line is up for best short film and Man on a Wire is nominated for best documentary. With a bumper crop of award-worthy films, this year’s Oscars are shaping up to be truly memorable.
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