The Council of Europe at 60

The Council of Europe was set up 60 years ago to help build a united and democratic Europe. Its main focus is defending and promoting human rights


Italy gets tough with rapists

A wave of attacks on women in Italy has prompted calls for harsh measures against suspected rapists. Three women have been raped in the past few


Space debris falls on Texas

Debris believed to be that of a recent satellite collision in space has been seen falling across Texas in the US. TV crews captured a fireball


Japan's economy sees sharp dive

Japan’s economy has seen its biggest slump since the oil crisis of the 1970s. Latest figures show its economy contracted by 3.3 percent in the last


Chavez wins term limit vote

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has won a referendum vote which will allow him to stand for re-election as many times as he likes. With 94 per


Japan economy nose-dives

New figures show the Japanese economy has taken the biggest dive for thirty five years. Japan has not suffered directly from the crash in the