Taliban strike at government offices in Kabul

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Taliban strike at government offices in Kabul

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The Afghan capital has been hit by a wave of almost simultaneous attacks on government buildings, leaving at least 26 dead and nearly 60 injured.

The Taliban says it was responsible for the strikes against the Education and Justice ministries and the prison administration service. Most of the victims were civilians. Eight suicide bombers were also killed, either by their explosive devices or by Afghan security. The Justice ministry was stormed by five gunmen who opened fire on the people inside and ran amok in the corridors before being shot. The Taliban claimed it had sent 16 suicide bombers into the capital and that the others were awaiting orders to launch a second wave. Previously one of the safer places in Afghanistan, Kabul is being increasingly targetted as the insurgency gains confidence. The attacks put more pressure on President Karzai, who faces elections in August he is not sure to win.