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At least 25 dead in Madagascar demo

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At least 25 dead in Madagascar demo


At least 25 people are dead after violence erupted at an anti-government protest in Madacascar.

Security forces opened fire on demonstrators outside the Presidential palace in the capital. The Indian Ocean island has been rocked by 2 weeks of unrest stoked by a power struggle between President Rava loma nana and the sacked mayor of the capital Andry Ra joe lina Security forces have been accused of opening fire on unarmed civilians. The latest violence is worrying big multinational companies who are exploring Madacascar for oil, gold, nickel and uranium. The island’s tourist industry has also been hit and the economy is in tatters. Sacked mayor Ra joe lina has led a series of opposition strikes and protests – is now claiming he has seized power and formed an interim government. Observers say Ra jo lina has tapped into widespread public frustration with the government but they say he might have over played his hand by trying to overthrow the president.
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