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Israel renews threat to retaliate with "great force"

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Israel renews threat to retaliate with "great force"


Israel has responded to a rocket attack on the port city of Ashkelon by bombing tunnels connecting Gaza with Egypt.

No one was hurt in the strike on Ashkelon – the deepest a rocket has landed in Israel since the end of its 22-day offensive. Touring the area struck by the missile, opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, blamed the government for the continuing attacks. “The army did a great job. But the Kadima government stopped short of achieving the goal. There is only one thing that will remove the missile threat to Ashkelon and other cities and towns in Israel, and that’s to bring down the Hamas government, and we will bring down the Hamas government,” he said. Hamas has not claimed responsiblity for any of the attacks since the truce but the resurge in violence is exposing faultines in Israel’s coalition ahead of next week’s general election. Foreign Minister and Kadima leader Tzipi Livni has demanded tougher action against the Islamic group. But her centre-left rival, Defence Minister Ehud Barak, has spoken out against launching a new offensive. For now it appears the public is not prepared to back either, with polls predicting a win for the hawkish opposition leader, Netanyahu.
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