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brussels bureau

  • Serbia says ready for EU bid

    Serbia says it is planning to formally apply for European Union membership in the first half of… 26/01/09 19:43 CET

  • EU cautious on Guantanamo

    With Guantanamo Prison to be closed, where will its inmates go? They have been detained for years… 26/01/09 19:43 CET


  • Pfizer buying Wyeth

    Pfizer, the world’s biggest drugmaker, to buy Wyeth for cash and shares deal for more than 50… 26/01/09 19:43 CET

  • Pessimistic Caterpillar cuts jobs

    Anticipating a full-blown global recession Caterpillar is to cut a fifth of its workforce… 26/01/09 19:43 CET


questions for europe

  • Turkey-EU relations

    Turkey’s negotiations to join the EU have made little progress since they began in 2005. Will 2009… 26/01/09 20:37 CET

  • European mayors fight global warming

    The Covenant of Mayors, signed by the elected leaders of nearly 300 European cities, aims to do… 26/01/09 20:37 CET


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