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Funerals for murdered Russian pair

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Funerals for murdered Russian pair


Mourners have paid tribute to a young Russian journalist, killed during the murder of a prominent human rights’ lawyer. Anastasia Baburova was shot as she helped Stanislav Markelov, who had already been hit by the gunman. He specialised in representing victims of Moscow’s wars in Chechnya, and had just denounced the projected early release from prison of a Russian colonel jailed for murdering a Chechen teenage girl.

“The Soviet state was like a police state,” said Moscow lawyer Genry Reznik. “Now it has turned into a weak state. Even if it wants to, Russia cannot protect its own people.” Markelov was assassinated in the centre of Moscow. Barburova tried to protect him, and was also shot. She never regained consciousness in hospital. Moscow’s police chief said there were no witnesses, despite cctv footage from the scene.
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