GMOs may grow by diktat

EU biotech experts are to debate whether to tell countries to grow GMOs. This is after Brussels decided to try and force France, Greece and Hungary


Gaza tunnels back in action

Palestinian smugglers have returned to work in Gaza despite Israeli warnings of more military strikes if their tunnels re-open. The latest


Sony loss warning

Sony is warning of a bigger-than-expected 2.2 billion euro operating loss for the current business year, which ends in March. That would be its first


Soft figures from Microsoft

Computer software giant Microsoft has revealed even worse than expected quarterly results and warned that profit and revenue will almost certainly


Hollywood announces Oscar picks

The nominations for the Oscars have been released with “Waltz with Bashir” standing out as one of the hottest favourites. The Israeli Golden


Clinton signals a wind of change

The US State Department has welcomed its new boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the first former First Lady to take one of America’s top jobs


Obama closes Guantanamo

President Obama today signs into law his executive order on Guantanamo bay. It closes the camp and ends one of the darkest episodes in US military


Serbia condemns new Kosovo force

Serbia has condemned Kosovo’s decision to set up its own NATO-trained security force as a threat to Belgrade’s national interests and could undermine