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Egypt summit vows to promote Gaza peace

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Egypt summit vows to promote Gaza peace


World leaders meeting in Egypt have pledged to promote a lasting and just peace between Gaza and Israel as the fragile ceasefire continues to hold. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his guests called on the world to ensure the end of fighting in the enclave.

“This fragile ceasefire has got to be followed immediately, if it is to be sustainable, by humanitarian access which we have asked for, by troop withrawals, by an end of arms trafficking, by the opening-up of the (frontier) crossings, by the end of rocket attacks, and hopefully by the beginning of serious negotiations that will lead to a final settlement,” said British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Israel declined an invitation to attend this summit. Some EU leaders went on from Sharm el-Sheikh to Jerusalem for more talks on how to preserve and strengthen the ceasefire.
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