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Europeans protest against Gaza offensive

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Europeans protest against Gaza offensive


Tens of thousands of people, in cities all over Europe, have been demonstrating against the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

In central London, three police officers were hurt when demonstrators hurled shoes and placards as police in riot gear confronted a crowd of around 20,000 outside the Israeli embassy. Fifteen people were arrested after a breakaway group of about 2,000 people continued to clash with police. Two were detained on suspicion of assault. Thousands demonstrated in Edinburgh, in Scotland and marches were held across France, the biggest of them in the capital Paris. Police estimated 30,000 people took part. Scuffles broke out with small groups of demonstrators fighting running battles with police as the protest dispersed. In Germany, some 8,500 people ralled in the centre of Berlin. Another 10,000 marched in Duisburg. In Norway, police used tear gas to break up a 1000-strong protest after bottles and rocks were thrown and in Sweden, after a march by up to five thousand people, some protestors attempted to storm the Israeli embassy in Stockholm. In Barcelona, an estimated 30,000 people took to the streets. The demonstration was called by 300 Catalan groups demanding an end to arms trading with Israel. In Milan, Florence and Venice several thousand people carrying Palestinian flags marched to protest against the Israeli offensive, some waving Israeli flags, besmirched with swastikas. The demonstrations have been fuelled by the rising death toll in Gaza which currently stands at over 800 Palestinians, roughly half of them civilians. Thirteen Israelis, including 10 soldiers, have been killed.
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