British Jews call for Gaza peace

Calls for an end to the fighting in Gaza are growing. Thousands descended on London’s Trafalgar Square urging Israel and the Palestinians to live in


New hiccup in Russian gas deal

There is a new hiccup threatening a deal to solve Europe’s mid-winter energy crisis. Ukraine, Russia and the European Union had agreed to get Russian


Indonesian ferry sinks in storm

A ferry with at least 250 people on board has sunk in stormy waters off Indonesia. Local radio reports say contact with the ferry was lost as she


Israeli cabinet discusses Gaza

The Israeli cabinet has discussed the fighting in Gaza. Outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel was close to fulfilling its aims, but called


Israel steps up Gaza assault

Reports from Israel say the commander of the military assault on Gaza has demanded the green light for stepping up the bombardment. General Yoav


Deal on European gas sealed

Ukraine has agreed to let EU monitors make sure it is not siphoning off Russian gas meant for Europe. It is a diplomatic victory for the Czech