Thousands protest in Ukraine

Thousands of trade unionists have taken to the streets in Ukraine to protest against cuts in wages and benefits and to demand action to ease the


Black and white diplomacy

In a sign of increasingly close relations, China has sent two giant pandas as a goodwill gift to Taiwan. Beijing has often used pandas as a


Gunfire and protests in Athens

Protests continued in Athens just hours after a police van was hit by gunfire. Thousands of people marched through the city in a demonstration that


No more cheap gas, says Russia

The west has been warned that the era of cheap natural gas is over. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s comments came as he hosted a summit


Libya cancels Swiss flights

The ongoing row between Libya and Switzerland appears to have re-surfaced after Swiss Airlines announced it is to lose its last remaining flight to


New prime minister for Romania

Emil Boc is the new Romanian prime minister. He has been sworn into his role. He is the youngest ever Romanian leader and will lead a coalition