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Israel 'unaware' of Hamas truce

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Israel 'unaware' of Hamas truce


Israel has denied any knowledge of a temporary truce by Hamas fighters in Gaza, and said that at least one rocket and four mortars had been fired over the border in the past 24 hours.

Hamas said it called the ceasefire after a six-month deal expired last week, and might consider a longer truce if Israel lifted its sanctions. Leader of Hamas said they were responding to a request from Egypt, something Cairo denied. A recent surge in Hamas rocket launches over the border into southern Israel had stretched the truce to breaking point. Israel shows no sign of lifting its blockade, as the end of the truce sparked fears of renewed attacks. Hamas had said it would resume suicide bombings in the Jewish state. Israeli enthusiasm for military action in Gaza may be waning. Political leaders have pledged to crush Hamas once and for all after the February elections, but one cabinet minister questioned the chances of success, and said a new truce might be a better option.
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